Our research program is devoted to the investigation of diffusion in condensed media. Light interaction with photorefractive media is another part of our scientific research.

Physics of liquids

Diffusion plays an important role in the life of cells and tissues of animal and plant life (eg, diffusion of oxygen from the lungs into the blood and from the blood on the contrary, the absorption of elements of mineral nutrition of cells, etc.). The penetration of solute into the cell is usually expressed by Fick law, which has many disadvantages. Our theory makes it possible to  simulate metabolism at the cellular level more accurately.

These studies are devoted to the study of diffusion processes for water-alcohol mixtures, which in turn is one of the ways to study and improve the properties of liquids in production.

The scientific value of research is a fundamentally new way to deal with diffusion in multicomponent liquid systems subject to flow quasichemistry reactions using the law of nonlinear diffusion. In addition, there is no generally  convenient theory that would explain the concentration dependence of the diffusion coefficient for liquids. Our methods will "look" inside the fluid, to investigate the quantitative composition of the solution and its properties.

Optical physics

Photorefractive materials are perspective media for holographic record. They are characterized by a few advantages as compared with other holographic materials. They do not need any process of wet development. Optical information recorded in photorefractive crystals can be easy stored, retained and erased. But practical application of photorefractive media is hampered due to arising of strong optical noise - photoinduced light scattering. Photoinduced light scattering can be divided into two general parts. First of them unites scattering kinds of holographic nature including the processes of many wave interaction. Second part is scattering by photoinduced changes of crystal structure in particular domain structure. Ascertaining their physical nature allows determining specific conditions where photoinduced optical noise could be diminished. On the other hand some types of photoinduced processes, for instance, photoinduced domain formation could be used as a new method of information record.